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Outlet & Switch Replacement & Upgrade Services Throughout Delaware, OH & the Surrounding Areas

We understand that even the most minor upgrades make a difference in your home. Our services for outlets and switches in Delaware offer simple improvements that can increase energy efficiency and provide customer convenience. Trust your local professionals at We Power Electric, to efficiently install additional outlets/switches in your home wherever you need them. Nothing is more important to us than meeting our customers' specific needs. Our team looks forward to planning your electrical project with you!

Benefits of Upgrading Your Outlets & Switches

Upgrading outlets and switches in your Delaware, Ohio home or business offers many benefits. 

  • Energy Efficient
  • Improved Electrical Flow
  • Reduced Risk of Fire Hazards
  • Increase Safety Compliance Regulations
  • Match Your Home Decor

Installing new outlets and switches in your home or business can be a great way to improve your living or working environment. Not only will it bring with it a sense of satisfaction from finally having outlets that function the way they should, but you can also rest assured knowing that each outlet is safe for use. Moreover, outlets and switches are an important part of the larger aesthetic design of a place, so having newer options to choose from is sure to add a touch of style to your space. 

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When Should I Replace My Electrical Outlets?

Outlets are often the last thing in a home to be replaced, because they seem to only play a small role in the electrical system. However, it’s essential that you replace outlets when they age past their prime so you can protect what you plug in. The concerns listed below are the noticeable signs of an electrical hazard. 

These hazards can progress unnoticed but can be prevented with routine electrical inspections by a credentialed technician. We want to identify these concerns for our customers before they start to malfunction in their home or business. Call We Power Electric today to discuss scheduling a routine safety inspection and identifying any underlying electrical hazards.

Signs You Need Outlet Replacement

  • When you plug in an electronic and the outlet is loose, or it falls out
  • When outlets are hot to the touch
  • You notice sparks or smoke when you plug in an electronic
  • You notice a burning smell near or around the outlet
  • If there is a noticeable sound coming from the outlet
  • The outlet cover is cracked or completely exposed

These symptoms indicate electrical hazards that can be dangerous for your family. As soon as you notice these issues, it’s essential that you stop using the outlet and give us a call to further address the steps you need to take to restore the safety of your home. You can trust our team to provide exceptional services for outlets and switches at your residence in Delaware, Ohio and surrounding areas. These problems may also indicate more significant issues with your electrical system, so it’s critical that you get the problem diagnosed immediately by our professionals.

Upgrade Your Home with USB Outlets and Modern Switches

You can still benefit from an upgrade even if there are no concerns to your electrical system. Many homeowners are replacing traditional outlets with USBs to increase charging capabilities and maximize space. If your home is outdated and you’ve recently bought technologically advanced appliances, replacing your outlets and/or circuitry ensures your electricity is up to code and meets the energy requirements of your new appliance.

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Benefits of Smart Switches

As today’s technology continues to move towards smart appliances and device pairing, we want your home to be ready to supply the power those smart systems require. 

Smart electrical switches can catapult your home into the future with these advantages:

  • Voice control
  • Programmable schedules
  • Mood lighting
  • Remote control
  • Multi-device integration

Begin creating routines in your home with programmable switches and multi-device integration that allows you to open blinds every day at 8 a.m., start the coffee pot at 8:30, and turn the kid’s lights off at 7 p.m. Smart switches can often pair with your phone to create a routine that works for your family. This makes waking up and going to sleep easier and increases energy efficiency by only using these systems when you’re home.

Have you ever gotten comfortable on the couch or in bed just to remember you need to turn the light off? With voice control, you can stay where you are and turn the light off with a simple command. If you’re not prepared for these major upgrades, we can take a more subtle approach with dimmable and color-changing lights to set the mood. If you enjoy hosting themed parties, this can help you create the aesthetic you’re aiming for.

Our services for outlets and switches in Delaware offer various benefits to your home that not only increase safety, but can also increase energy efficiency with smart switch/outlet installation. Trust the team at We Power Electric — we have 16 years of experience providing quality electrical services.

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