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Electrical Diagnostics in Delaware

Finding Electrical Issues in Columbus. OH

It can be concerning when you notice issues with your electrical system but are unsure of what’s causing the problem. The professionals at We Power Electric are here to help with our expert electrical diagnostics in Delaware and surrounding areas. We have 16 years of experience taking care of our neighbors, providing high-quality services and a dream team that  takes customer satisfaction to a whole new level. When you need solutions, trust the team that powers our community.

We Power Electric provides troubleshooting you can count on! Call us today at (614) 964-5544 for a free estimate.

Signs of Electrical Problems

If you have an older home, your electrical system may be strained because of high technology use. 

Let us help you tap into the power your home needs if you’re experiencing issues like these:

  • If your wiring arcs or lightning strikes, your home may experience power surges. Though this only lasts for a second, it can decrease the lifespan of your appliances. Luckily, We Power Electric offers free surge protectors with every panel service provided to safeguard your electronics. If you experience recurring surges, call us to inspect your wiring.
  • Using appliances that require more power than your circuits can handle will damage your outlets and wiring. Overloaded circuitry refers to not having enough circuits in your home or that they aren’t rated for the amount of power that you need. We can upgrade your circuitry so it can handle that increased electrical load required, or upgrade your electrical panel if you’re in need of more circuit breakers.

If you regularly experience flickering lights, it may be caused by frayed wiring that can cause shorts. This is dangerous and can lead to an electrical fire if ignored. Ensure your lightbulb is tightened correctly if it’s not your electrical system causing the issue. If this doesn’t stop the flickering, trust our team for expert electrical diagnostics in Delaware.

How We Diagnose Electrical Issues

We’re the team you need when your electrical system stops working. We don’t cut corners — instead, we only complete quality work for long-lasting solutions. 

Our diagnostic procedure follows these steps:

  • Inspection: We’ll begin by visually inspecting the area that’s presenting the problem. With our advanced experience in the electrical industry, our professionals may notice something the average homeowner cannot.
  • Identification: We don’t want to just treat the symptoms of your issue. Instead, we’ll identify the root of these symptoms in order to provide accurate resolutions.
  • Testing: Sometimes diagnosing the problem requires resources beyond visual troubleshooting. Comprehensive electrical testing with our advanced equipment gives our professionals more information about the cause and severity of your system’s issues. We will safely test your electrical system to devise a possible solution.
  • Solution: Once we’ve found the source of your issue, we can confidently discuss what is needed to resolve the problems you are experiencing. We always strive to repair the electrical system that you currently have, but occasionally an upgrade may not only be necessary but may be more efficient and cost-effective than repairs. We are always more than happy to discuss these options with you as well as provide our expert advice. We Power Electric offers expert electrical diagnostics in Delaware so we can properly find the issue and solve it thoroughly.

There is nothing more important to us than taking care of our customers. We support our community by providing quality electrical services at a fair price, in a timely manner. We also offer some ongoing discounts for members of the military, veterans, first responders, and seniors. Don’t let electrical issues go unchecked when our professionals are here to find the cause of your problems and offer professional solutions.

When you need transparent and honest troubleshooting, call We Power Electric at (614) 964-5544 for a free estimate!


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