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Delaware Service Upgrades

Improved Energy Efficiency in Columbus

We have a collective 16 years of experience taking care of our community with excellent electrical service and community outreach projects. Typically, when homeowners upgrade their electrical panel, the unit will be replaced, but the panel will still handle the same amount of electricity coming from the city. 

When you need more energy for your home, our expert service upgrades in Delaware upgrade the entrance cable, meter base, grounding system, and electrical panel. If you’re also considering changing the layout of your home, you can move the meter and electrical panel to a new location to improve the aesthetic and flow of your house. These new components increase energy efficiency with long-lasting, quality materials.

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Why You Need a Service Upgrade

If you’ve experienced constant issues with your electrical system because of your high energy requirements, don’t spend years dealing with these problems — our team is here for you. 

Here are a few signs that it’s time for an upgrade:

  • Discolored outlets
  • Flickering lights
  • Frequently tripping breakers
  • Electrical panel is 25+ years old
  • Increasing electrical bills

If your circuit breakers are constantly tripping and you’re experiencing discolored outlets, these are clear indications that your wiring is past repair and needs to be replaced. Your wires might be frayed or damaged behind your wall, causing shorts or ground faults that are causing your breakers to trip.

Electrical codes update every three years, so if your electrical panel is original to your home or over 25 years old, it could be outdated and inefficient. This can cause electrical bills to increase and also damage your appliances. Our expert service upgrades in Delaware and surrounding areas provide a more energy-efficient system to save you money.

Benefits of a New Electrical Service

A complete service upgrade includes replacing your entrance cable, meter base, ground system, and electrical panel to a higher level so you receive more energy into your home. 

Though this may seem like a significant investment, it provides these advantages:

  • Replacing the main components that transport energy into and throughout your home increases safety by reducing the chance of electrical fires and hazards such as electrocution. This can help decrease insurance costs.
  • If you lack outlets, upgrading your electrical service is the perfect time to add more circuits. Not only does this reduce the energy load on your existing circuits, but it also removes your need for extension cords and helps provide consistent power throughout your home. This is especially helpful if you suffer from flickering lights when using other appliances.
  • Not only does an updated system increase your energy efficiency for lower monthly costs, but it can also increase your home’s value. If you’re considering selling your space in the next few years, this can help you pass inspection and attract potential buyers.

Benefit from a new electrical service that provides consistent power, increased safety, and a lower utility bill for your home. We Power Electric is here to help with service upgrades in Delaware that improve your space immensely. We have years of experience taking care of our community and upgrading electrical services - just see what our customers have to say about working with us. 

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