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Electrical Panel Upgrades in Delaware

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We Power Electric is your locally owned and operated expert team for when you need quality panel servicing or upgrading. We Power Electric is home of the free surge protector. What this means is we offer a free surge protector and installation alongside every panel/service upgrade or installation, so you can further safeguard your electronics and newly installed service/panel from sudden power surges. 

Your electrical panel distributes energy to the various circuits in your home. Significant areas of your home could be affected when this component starts to malfunction. Trust the team that powers your community when you need expert electrical panel upgrades in Deleware.

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Maximize Your Home's Electrical Capacity

Upgrading your electrical panel can provide your home with the capacity it needs to handle modern electrical demands. With the increasing use of electronic devices, appliances, and smart home technology, older electrical panels may struggle to keep up. Our team at We Power Electric LLC can assess your current electrical panel and recommend an upgrade to ensure your home has the power it needs.

Benefits of upgrading your electrical panel include:

  • Increased electrical capacity
  • Improved safety and reduced risk of electrical fires
  • Ability to add new circuits and accommodate additional electrical loads
  • Enhanced reliability of your electrical system
  • Compliance with current electrical codes and regulations
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Using Electrical Subpanels

Another way to upgrade your electrical system is with the installation of a subpanel. You can benefit from an electrical subpanel if you have high energy requirements in multiple areas of your home, or your main panel’s capacity is full. Areas of high usage that may need a subpanel include garages, sheds, and mother-in-law cottages. 

Advantages of subpanels include:

  • Convenient: If you’re completing a project in a workshop or accessory dwelling unit (ADU), you don’t want to go through the main home to reset a circuit if it trips. Resetting them is much easier if the panel is near an area requiring high energy.
  • Energy efficiency: Shortening the distance of circuitry— especially for high-energy areas like a workshop, EV charger, or secondary dwelling — can save money. Not only does this make your home more energy efficient to lower monthly costs, but it can also save money during installation. 
  • ADUs: A subpanel can perfectly handle your electrical needs if you’re considering adding an accessory dwelling unit to your home or property. This lets you charge the renter for the energy they’re using instead of an estimate of cost if you’re on the same electrical system.

We Power Electric is here for you, no matter why you may need a panel upgrade. As your locally owned and operated electricians, we work hard to give back to the community with outreach projects and free surge protectors with every panel service or service upgrade. See why our customers trust us time and again by checking out our reviews here.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What are the benefits of upgrading my electrical panel?

Upgrading your electrical panel can increase the power in your home, allowing you to add more outlets without overloading the panel. It also helps distribute energy more efficiently, reducing the risk of electrical malfunctions or hazards.

How can I tell if my electrical panel needs an upgrade?

Signs that indicate the need for an upgrade include the panel being 25+ years old, lights dimming when using appliances, not enough outlets, and the panel feeling warm to the touch. These issues may suggest outdated or unsafe electrical systems.

What are the potential risks of not upgrading my electrical panel?

Not upgrading an outdated electrical panel can lead to safety hazards, including electrical malfunctions, exposed wiring, and potential fire hazards. It may also limit the power capacity of your home, causing inconvenience and potential damage to electrical devices.

Is it possible to upgrade my electrical panel on my own?

Electrical panel upgrades should be handled by licensed professionals to ensure safety and compliance with building codes. Attempting to upgrade the panel without proper knowledge and experience can pose serious risks and may not meet regulatory standards.

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